Positioning Powers Brand Strength

Four years ago, leadership at Delta Trust & Bank made the decision that it was no longer going to promote itself as another retail bank option. The past efforts had not led to the desired ROI and were not differentiating the bank from its competition. The development of the Bank Balance campaign began the positioning of Delta Trust as the one banking partner that customers could depend on to help meet all their financial needs. This positioning was based on the fact that the bank had leading expertise in a full range of financial areas that included Trust, Insurance, Investments, Banking and Mortgage. Delta Trust was clearly much more than a traditional retail bank. Now in its 5th year of this positioning effort, Delta Trust continues to grow its brand strength and also continues to exceed its business goals.

The success of the marketing efforts can be primarily attributed to two things: focus and consistency. Bank leadership has embraced this positioning, maintaining a focus on its dominant selling idea and consistently communicating it to its customers. The bank’s differentiation is now recognized and desired by customers and prospects.

When reviewing your marketing efforts, make sure that you have positioned yourself in a way that differentiates you from the competition and is meaningful to your target audience. Once you have done this, embrace your uniqueness (own your positioning) and consistently communicate the selling idea that makes you who you are. This will put you on the right road to significant ROI.

Check out elements from the 2012 Delta Trust campaign below.


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