Preparing for the Mobile Movement

I was reading a few blogs over the weekend and stumbled upon this post. As a marketer, I find the mobile market growth fascinating. Not just because it’s new but because it’s relevant to achieving significant reach. Here’s an impressive stat: consumers spend three times as long on a mobile site as they do on an actual site. Wow! Makes me jump onto our own mobile site and double check all we our offering.

What stands out to me the most from this post is the forecast for this communications channel. What will the market look like in a year from now? Five years from now? Are we prepared and are our clients prepared to fully take advantage of this shift in consumer behavior?

At EXIT, our team has been gearing up for this change and now includes a specific phase within all online development that is for mobile device strategy and execution. We simply don’t want our clients to miss out on this market. It’s not just about future success…mobile marketing is delivering now. But in the future, it will be an even bigger player in reaching audiences. Be prepared!

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