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Until recently I had never been in a Krispy Kreme store, nor had I heard of the “Hot Light”. My first experience of both was marketing heaven. For those of you like me who have never heard of the “Hot Light”, the deal is that when the light is on in the window it means they have original glazed doughnuts fresh out of the oven. The deal in my car was that if the light was on, we would stop for some doughnuts, if not, then we would just head home. Well the light was on and we pulled in. I’m not sure how many people are usually at this particular Krispy Kreme, but I definitely noticed an increase of customers during the short time I was there. The “Hot Light” is like a beacon for warm, soft goodness and probably one of their smartest advertising ideas. Once we were inside the store and about to pick out the variety of doughnuts that would accompany the warm original glazed ones, I was handed a complimentary fresh warm doughnut right off the line. It was an immediate gratification so I could enjoy the doughnut at its freshest without the short delay of paying. Overall my experience as a customer at Krispy Kreme couldn’t have been any better. Good job Krispy Kreme.


  1. Tanner

    That is new news to me thank you.

  2. Lauren

    good to know!

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