The New Silver Bullet?

Contrary to what you may have heard, social media is not magic. Yes, it presents new opportunities that can lead to amazing results but when striped down to its purest form, social media is simply a new channel for us to use to reach consumers. The door is open, and admittance is for the most part free, but just walking in does not secure marketing success. There’s a lot of work to do just to get noticed. And the challenge we face isn’t much different than it is with traditional mediums; we must create content that is meaningful and unique so that our target will pay attention to it, remember it and pass it on to others.

To get greater ROI from your social media efforts, we recommend that a strategic plan is developed. With the key points being: identifying the business goals you want to achieve; selecting the tactics that best can help you achieve these goals; then assembling a team that can manage these tactics on a regular basis, keeping your content updated, meaningful and focused on reflecting your brand’s point of difference (DNA).

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