What Is Your Why

People buy on emotion. That’s the motivating force that drives the decision to select one option over another. What you do— sell office equipment, life insurance, legal expertise— does not evoke emotion. It’s purely directional. By telling consumers what you do, you let them know the category you’re in. This allows potential buyers to group you into a bucket of other options in your category that have the exact same What as you. But that’s as far as announcing your What will take you in the selling process. When you go out and spend advertising dollars on selling what you do, you’re overspending to educate consumers on what category to place you in. This messaging will never deliver significant return on investment. Because what you do does not deliver a meaningful reason for a consumer to do business with you. Want to inspire people to buy from you? Go beyond what you do. And go even deeper than how you do it. Go to the core and embrace and confidently communicate to your target audience why you do what you do. People are biologically driven to associate with and do business with people who share their same beliefs. Your Why is what you believe in that drives you to do what you do. An example for someone who sells office equipment may be: “Our company sells office equipment that delivers the most effective and efficient support, because we believe saving you time and money delivers the greatest reward both in your business and your life. Our Why is we believe life and work should be enjoyed to its fullest, we’re committed to incorporating products that consistently enhance this belief.” Now you’ve delivered an emotional, meaningful reason for someone to buy a copier from you over the other guy down the street.

The creator of the Golden Circle, Simon Sinek, delivers a great presentation on this selling theory which reinforces the value of building brand strength and its selling power. How do strong brands trump price point, stand out in marketplace clutter and obtain long-term brand loyalty? They do this by embracing their Why. There is a genuine, meaningful purpose behind what they do and people believe in what they believe. These people go from being good customers to lifetime brand ambassadors.

You can view Simon Sinek’s presentation here. I believe it’s a video that will inspire you to adjust your selling approach and lead to greater success in the future.

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