A Healthier Future Relies on Medicaid Expansion

The 89th General Assembly is in session and one of the biggest issue it faces is the vote for or against Medicaid Expansion. One side believes the State can not take on anymore debt at any cost while the other side argues the “any cost” of this decision would have a devastating impact on many Arkansas’ hospitals and communities. Both camps present valid points.

But, I believe once you dig into all the information and weigh the potential consequences of each decision, the choice that obviously brings our State the healthiest, long-term results is approval of Medicaid Expansion — allowing 250,000 more Arkansans to get healthcare coverage, which in turn will significantly reduce the hundreds of millions of dollars our hospitals lose each year in uncompensated care costs. Dive into more details concerning this decision facing our Legislature.

EXIT has partnered with the Arkansas Hospital Association to create a statewide campaign promoting the importance of the approval of Medicaid Expansion. The campaign will target voters in key districts along with some direct efforts to members of the Legislature. Phase 1 of the campaign (ad below) identifies and thanks state senators and representatives for the past support of hospitals in their districts and calls for their continued help. Phase 2 will be directed at voters, promoting approval through presenting emotional reasons why Medicaid Expansion is so important. Phase 2’s call to action will be to ask people to call their representatives and encourage them to vote for approval. This phase should launch in late March or early April.


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