It’s Live!

Deep in the heart of Little Rock’s south main district, four mad ad-scientists have been tinkering away at a creation so marvelous and astonishing few have been privileged enough to gaze upon it. They’ve agonized over their creation, carefully contemplating every little detail … how it looks, how it sounds, the language it uses. For months their creation has lain dormant, but today, the time has finally come to flip the switch, and let the thing they have worked so carefully take on a life of its own. The new EXIT website is live!

We’ve given ourselves a much-needed upgrade to make our site mobile friendly, faster to navigate, and more fun to visit. Here, you’ll be able to check out the results we’ve achieved for our clients, learn about our branding process and discover the selling power behind our social media plans. You can also virtually meet our outstanding team, and learn more about all the coffee, chocolate, music and dance parties it takes us to get through each day.

Launching a new website is much like moving into a new house, and we hope you’ll visit often. If there’s a marketing topic you’d like covered on the blog, a question you have about the site, or a suggestion on how we can best connect with you, give us a shout.


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