Now Back To Local News

I would like to promote another local business that just recently got up and running, Enjoy. It’s a skateboard shop in North Little Rock, but it is oh so much more than that. I went to their Grand Opening last Saturday and was shown around by one of the friendly owners/staff. Besides being a skateboard shop with competitive pricing, it’s an indoor skatepark, photo studio, styling salon, yoga studio, small theatre, music venue, and soon to be massage parlor. Their use of available space is courageous. The half pipe is also the stage for the photo shoots, the bands, and the yoga instructor. Enjoy is very community based and is open to all ages. It’s casual atmosphere makes it a great place to just hang out with friends and watch the skateboarders pull off some nice tricks as well as see them bite the dust, which we all know can be entertaining. Check out Enjoy on facebook and become a friend. Watch for new events and yoga class times and get involved! Check out the photos below to see the shop, courtesy of Enjoy.

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