Popularity of Facebook: Social Media Trends

Social media is constantly changing, so at EXIT we have to keep on top of the latest trends. But one thing that hasn’t changed in the last year is the popularity of Facebook. According to PEW Research Center, Facebook is more than 2x as popular as the next most-popular social network

79% of U.S. adults are on Facebook, more than twice the percentage of adults on Instagram (32 percent)


Surveying 1,520 U.S. adults above the age of 18, the researchers found that Facebook is still the most popular social media platform — and by a huge margin. The percentage of U.S. adults on Facebook (79 percent) is more than twice the percentage of adults on Instagram (32 percent), Pinterest (31 percent), LinkedIn (29 percent), or Twitter (24 percent).

It’s also interesting to note that percentage of adults on Instagram has risen significantly over the last few years (from 13 percent to 32 percent), Pinterest has also seen a similar curve with 31 percent of U.S. adults now using the platform – that’s just 1% less than Instagram.  

The researchers also discovered that Facebook users are much more engaged than other social media platform users. 76 percent of Facebook users use it daily — 55 percent visit several times a day, and 22 percent visit once per day. This is a quite substantial increase from the 70 percent reported in 2015. Instagram, coming in second, has 51 percent of its users using it daily.

(If you want to find out more, the report by the Pew Research Center also goes into the demographics of users on these social media platforms such as gender, age, education, and income breakdowns.)



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