1000 Clicks – 1 Day

A marketing agency called Base One with locations in London and Amsterdam is scheduled to go live with their experiment on social media tomorrow, May 19th. Their goal is to prove that “content marketing works,” and not just with funny stories or videos, but with real business content that is meaningful and useful. During the IDM B2B Marketing Conference Base One is going to be live in front of 150 senior marketers and attempt to achieve 1,000 downloads of their content by the end of the day. Base One is also going beyond written content and using YouTube, Vimeo etc. to show that different formats of social media are important in achieving this goal. You can read a more detailed description of the experiment here. They are also asking everyone to help out by tweeting and blogging, which is using social media to its max and in my opinion adds another angle to the experiment. Just by blogging this I am now part of the experiment!

I’ll be keeping an eye on the progress tomorrow to see if someone can really get 1,000 clicks using content marketing. I’m thinking they may even get more than that. The experiment will be proof that social media is definitely beneficial to businesses.

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