A Mad Approach to Social Media

In mid July, one of my copywriting friend’s (and an avid fan of Mad Men) updated her Facebook status to “wonders if any of her photographer friends would like to take part in Project Kayla Wants to Be on Mad Men…” She kindly included the link to share the Mad Men Casting Call with all of us. In the past week, Mad Men avatars have been popping up everywhere on Facebook & Twitter. Even while shopping at Banana Republic this weekend, I was hit with the Mad Men campaign. In my bag was a “Mad About Style” guide, detailing each of the main characters and how he/she would dress. Curious, I, like any good researcher, searched the internet to find just how far this “Mad” campaign went.

Linda Holmes of NPR has written a great article about the campaign. Most interestingly, she wrote about how AMC (the network of Mad Men) was not so excited about social media a year ago. Last year, the hype of the show was out amongst advertisers everywhere. So much hype in fact, that some people had created Twitter identities of the show’s main characters. AMC filed complaints against Twitter and according to Ron Callari, “everyone sued everyone,” but afterward, AMC had to admit that the Twitter identities had generated quite a buzz for the show. In a different medium, illustrator Dyna Moe had started (without AMC’s permission) doing a series called “Mad Men Illustrated.” Her series started when she illustrated actor Rich Sommer’s Christmas card and had had so much fun with it that she’d decided to illustrate a weekly desktop wallpaper after each new episode aired. Her work is posted on Flickr and has had over 200,000 views. The NPR article wrote,”Rather than send her the cease-and-desist she admits she half-expected, the show decided to adopt her and get her to work for them [on the Mad Men Yourself microsite], and now they have one of the most clever and quickly adopted marketing tricks for a TV show that has gone by in quite some time.” Clearly, AMC decided that social media was not so mad after all. In addition to the creation of their Mad Men Yourself microsite, the new season of Mad Men is also being promoted by a Facebook page, the fan-based casting call and style guide from Banana Republic, and inconjuction with that, a free episode download from iTunes. See the links to these elements below. On August 10th, look for a quiz game called “Which Mad Men Are You?” and Mad Men e-cards to share. The third season of Mad Men begins on August 16th.

Visit these links to see the campaign.

Mad Men Yourself.

Enter to win a walk-on role & a $1000 Banana Republic Gift Card at the Mad Men Casting Call.

See the Mad Men Facebook page.

See Banana Republic’s Mad Men Style Guide.

(Header image is Season 1, Episode 13, by Dyna Moe.)

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  1. Jane

    Mad Men is a great show! I am so excited for it to start next week. The Banana Republic piece is really cool. Makes me want to go shopping.

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