How Much Is Too Much

Through Social Media you can reach millions upon millions of people in just a few seconds. Instantly, you can be engaged in conversation with a person you’ve never met who lives on the other side of the world. You can express your opinion on anything you want and someone out there is reading it. I think that is amazing.

I, like many, have a Twitter account. It’s fun when a random thought for the day comes to you or you want to share a link with followers. And now with my new iPhone (thanks, Stan!), it’s even easier to tweet when I’m around town. But it truly bothers me when I go to Twitter and see the same one or two people all over my page. What do these people do all day? Do they sit in front of their computers and think of things to post on Twitter all day?

Isn’t Social Media supposed to be a conversation? How much of a conversation can you be having if you are posting something every 10 minutes? Yes, being active is good. But in cases like this, has it stopped being a conversation when your thoughts are dominating? Honestly, is it fun when you are at lunch with a friend and all they do is talk? You never get a word in edgewise. I think these constant tweets are like that. It makes me start ignoring everything coming from this person(s) because I am so tired of seeing their profile pictures plastered on my wall. They have become wallpaper to me. Really ugly wallpaper I want to take down.

I googled Twitter etiquette and Chris Brogran gives a brief etiquette lesson to Twitter newbies. To the point and has good advice.

People might unfollow you if you tweet excessively (falls into Chris’s “You’re Doing it Wrong” category). – (from Chloe Wilkinson)

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