Social Media: No Longer Just Fun

Facebook grew in popularity because it was an easy and free way to connect with friends, keep in touch, and share ideas. It was a place where you shared photos, special moments, or whatever you thought was fun, in an easy to access virtual environment.  The days where your news feed is only full of fun, and even wacky, posts from your friends are gone.


When Facebook became publicly traded, changes were expected. What wasn’t expected was how drastically Facebook algorithms would change.  Facebook is ramping up their business and looking to profit off businesses advertising on the social media platform.


What are the new algorithm changes? The algorithms prioritize content you typically engage with, whether that it’s a post you like or commented on. This creates a user profile and dictates what information you see. It also finds relevant content related to your activity to promote in your news feed. You may notice that there are a larger number of news articles popping up in your feed; expect to see that trend continue. And finally, Facebook is changing to a pay-to-play tactic for many advertisers. Unless you are providing compelling and engaging content, you can expect to pay for your Facebook posts to show up in your followers’ news feeds.


We recommend connecting with your followers on Facebook at a more personal level: publish content that benefits them and doesn’t just promote your brand, have contests to promote more likes of your posts and increase your posts in news feeds, and engage in conversation with your followers if they post comments. Be relevant to your audience and you can expect to stay in the social media game.


Want to learn more? Here’s an article that outlines some of the social media trends we can expect to see in 2014 –!.


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