Creative Leftovers

Keeping in the Thanksgiving theme I thought it would be nice to share some more creative ways to use your leftovers.

Turkey Tortilla Soup

Turkey Pot Pie Recipe
Instead of the frozen vegetables use leftover veggies like green beans or cooked carrots. Even throw in some mashed potatoes for more of a Shepherds Pie.

Ham and Potato Chowder

-Turkey Stir Fry
No link for this one, but it’s pretty basic. Just use turkey, whatever leftover vegetables you have on hand and add some asian spices and soy sauce.

3 Creative Stuffing Ideas

Some more non-traditional creative uses for your holiday leftovers if you just can’t eat any more:

-Have a mashed potato-man contest and see who comes up with the best uses for different food items. Maybe some pea eyes or green bean arms?

-Use cranberry sauce as face paint.

Think like a kid again and post your favorite non-traditional creative uses for holiday leftovers.

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