Giving Thanks

Maybe I am just being sentimental because of the time of year, but I wanted to send out a big Thank You this week for my blog. Thank You to all of our amazing clients, vendors, family and friends. I feel very fortunate to love my job and be able to have fun while helping our clients every day. With the holidays right around the corner (which is a little scary since I haven’t started shopping!) it is the perfect time of year to tell each of you Thank You for your support, trust, encouragement and just general good vibes.

So in the tradition of Thanksgiving here is my list of things that I am truly thankful for:

  • My family and friends – they are my everything
  • My someone special – you know who you are
  • My EXIT family – they provide an amazing amount of creative energy
  • My sweet puppy – nothing is better than coming home to a wagging tail
  • Coffee – providing warmth and caffeine every morning
  • Target – solace in shopping
  • Wine – a glass to end the day
  • Sunflowers – these joyful flowers make me smile when I look at them

Share your list of things you are Thankful for and the most creative list will receive a very special treat at the end of the month!


  1. Heide

    Awww,Katie!!! Golly gee, I’m blushing! I had no idea that I was your someone special!!! LOL

  2. Stan

    I didn’t either….

  3. Katie

    I heart you both. But neither of you said what you are thankful for…

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