Thankful for Technology

I thought I’d take Katie’s lead and share that for which I’m thankful. My list of 10 would have a lot of overlap with Katie’s, so I won’t repeat those. Instead, I’ll add one more–technology. I’m grateful that I can write this blog from the convenience of my laptop (while watching Dexter in the background) then e-mail it to myself at work to post later. I’m grateful that even though I’m 800 miles away from my nephew, I can get Flip videos and iPhoto galleries just hours after he does anything cute. I’m grateful that when I run I can strap on a portable GPS that will give me distance, pace and calories burned. Cell phones, digital cameras, lightrails, iPods and myriad other examples enhance my life, too. The funny part about technology is how upset we sometimes get when it doesn’t work. My mom shared this clip from Conan with me. Comedian Louis CK expounds on learning to appreciate technology. It’s entertaining and helps remind us of how far technology has come.

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