Saying Farwell

At EXIT, we work very hard to create lasting brand identities that will be as memorable and iconic as the Hostess Brand. In 1930, Hostess introduced the Twinkie, invented by James Dewar, manager of Chicago’s Continental Bakery. He named them after the “Twinkle Toe” shoes he saw advertised on a billboard in St. Louis. They were originally filled with banana cream, and sold two for a nickel. During World War II, when there was a banana shortage, the filling flavor changed to the beloved vanilla filling. Twinkies have inspired wacky fried carnival foods, a scientific T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S project, a cookbook and one was even placed in a 1999 Millennium time capsule by President Clinton who called it an enduring American Icon. Sadly, today Hostess has closed its doors and its iconic brand of products, including Twinkies, will be laid to rest. We tip our cowboy hats to Twinkie the Kid and enjoy a farewell twinkie in his honor.





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