A Big Hug From EXIT

We appreciate all our clients and vendors who reached out to offer sympathy and support while we dealt with the tragic death of our team member and good friend— Bryan McManus. These unexpected and unbelievable moments in life are incredibly paralyzing. Stopping life as you had known it in its tracts. You’re left unsure how to react, what to say, what to do. What we have found is best for our healing is simply talking about the time we shared with Bryan and remembering his many gifts. He was and will continue to be a valuable influence on our company and the work we do. 


The saying tomorrow is not guaranteed rings loud and clear when a young man with a giving heart, a beautiful family and a promising future suddenly loses his life. I don’t think fear of death should be the motivation for living more in the present but it can be the spark that ignites a very natural and enthusiastic desire to do more, to be more, to live more each day that we are blessed with. So don’t put off sharing your apologies, providing support and giving big, long hugs to the people you love. Like Bryan showed us on a regular basis, really enjoying life means taking time to appreciate the details of your day. I thought it is was a little bit odd when Bryan came into the office to start the day and would share with us how good the air smelled and how nice the breeze felt on his walk to the office. You know, I realize now it wasn’t odd that he took the time to appreciate these little things, it was special. Bryan was special. And he will be greatly missed.  

Thank you to The Cone Group for this wonderful frame they had made for our team.

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