Being Creative is Getting Crowded

Heard of Design Crowd? CrowdSpring? Fiverr? All are crowd sourcing creative resources. These are just a few of many now available online. Here’s their promise to you: By establishing a worldwide network of designers and writers and competing for you business, they can provide a quality product for a significantly lower price. Sounds like a brilliant idea, right? We’ll, I’m not so sure. I mean if you are to believe in the promise, you have to believe that within this network there are some really good creative people. For me, this is where common sense crushes this business concept.

A quick analogy — I’m confident that if I order a 1000 hamburgers from McDonalds, none of them will look or taste like a burger from Holeman & Finch in Atlanta (google it). We can all agree that you’re not going to find the best culinary minds in the kitchens of fast food restaurants- no matter how large the chain is. The same rationale should be applied to creative professionals. Really good designers and writers want to do really good work and because they are capable of creating the exceptional, they get paid  well for their talents.

Though the internet paints a different picture, the truth is there aren’t a 100 or 25 or even a couple seasoned, award-winning designers excitedly waiting to get started on your $5 logo. When using these sites you have to accept that you’re ordering from the value menu. And if you’re lucky you may get a Filet-O-Fish. 


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