Do We Believe In Our Brand?

One of many questions we as creatives have to ask ourselves is do we believe in what we are doing? Do we believe that we can change lives and shape the visual clutter around us in a positive way? Even the most well trained designers, copywriters, art directors, etc.. cannot fake honesty, Honesty is what cuts through the clutter and reaches folks. First we have to establish what we stand for and then work  hard to live our brand. EXIT’s brand is something I believe in whole heartedly… “Helping Clients Escape Clutter.” A simple, powerful idea that relies not on flashy advertising or smoke and mirrors but on the foundation of why you start a business, an adventure, or even getting up in the morning. What story are you telling? Why should anyone pay attention? I think when we can answer these questions honestly we begin to live our brand, we are our brand. So, who are you? And more importantly, are you living your brand?

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