EXIT's Reactions to New Facebook 'Reactions' Buttons

Rumors have been flying that Facebook will be adding a ‘Dislike’ button in contrast to the ‘Like’ button to allow users to express their disappointment or sadness in a post. After some backlash, Facebook has released their compromise in Spain and Ireland in the form of gif emojis. After reviewing the emotions most displayed by Facebook users, Facebook has released these expressive faces that portray love, laughter, happiness, shock and awe, sadness, and anger.

With one more addition, we could have had the 21st century 7 dwarves.


Curious about the reaction of my team to the 6 new additions to the Facebook family, I recorded their conversation as they were viewing them. 

Matt: That ‘angry’ button is going to get used the most.

Shawn: Will it have numbers next to it, like you have 12 angrys?

Matt: It’ll be interesting to see the difference between people using the ‘like’ button and the ‘love’ button. It’s a big difference between ‘thumbs up’ and ‘ I HEART THAT SO MUCH’. 

Alex: Yeah, those two buttons may cause some grief in some high-school relationships. 

Matt: It’s October 2015. According to Back to the Future 2, we should have hover boards and flying cars. We don’t have those yet, but we do have emojis!

Alex: Do you feel like the faces accurately portray feelings? 

Matt: Yeah, except for the ‘wow’ face. It looks scared. It looks like the Scream face.

Alex: EXIT could re-design it. I think it looks like the Taylor Swift at any awards show when she wins face.

Shawn: Wait, are you recording? 

Alex: Yes.

Shawn: I’ve added nothing of value then. 

Matt: So there’s 7 total. There are 5 positive and 2 negative. 

Shawn: Well, the ‘wow’ is kinda versatile. It could be a reaction to something really gross or obscene. 

Alex: Yeah, or used for sarcasm. The equivalent of ‘cool story bro’. So, how do we think this going to affect businesses. As a social media manager, I have to be concerned about any additions Facebook makes. 

Matt: It’s adding more communication tools that are more specific. 

Alex: Do you feel like it will replace written reviews of businesses on social media channels?

Laura: No, I don’t think so. People will still want to express themselves and provide value. 

Alex: How can we use this to our advantage? 

Laura: It might push the engagement. People now have more tools to show their feelings.

Shawn: I don’t think people will use emojis to show their strong feelings. Overall, it’s probably going to make the next generation less human. 

Matt: I think these are just sprinkles on a cupcake. Words will still be used, explanations are necessary and these will be thrown in at the beginning or end of a post or review for a little flavor.

Alex: Yeah, it’s too often where we misinterpret the tone of someone in the written form so maybe this will help determine it. 

Shawn: What was the motivation behind creating these?

Alex: I think there was a lot of feedback pointed at Facebook basically saying that just having the ‘like’ button made things emotional stunted. People use Facebook as a support tool for dealing with death and hard life stuff and all you have besides words to portray how you feel about a post is a thumbs up. So Facebook wanted to widen the emotional capacity.

In conclusion, Shawn the Copywriter would rather people to use their heart (and words), Matt the Creative Director wants people to use their brain and lay off the ‘angry button’ offended-by-everything trend, Laura the Graphic Designer has courage and thinks it’s got potential, and Alex the Social Media Wizard thinks this might be a horse of a different color and is curious to see what Facebook comes up with next.

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