Good Design vs. Trends

As a society, I find more times than not we are crippled by the saturation of information at our finger tips at any given moment.  I feel this in the arts more than anywhere else, culturally.  We can Google search for imagery, designers, and even pay for prepaid designs that often lead to drab, uninspired results. Sifting through online design portfolios shows trend after trend being copied to the point that they are no longer unique solutions to client’s problems. Restraint, subtlety, innovation and beauty take the back seat in favor of immediate results. 
One of the solutions I’ve found for this dilemma is to become more proactive in a client’s brand. Asking questions, having them in the office, researching what it is they do and what makes them unique. What is the design problem? How can we solve it? These are the kind of questions that focus our work. The answers aren’t immediate, but in the end the solutions are as distinct as the clients they represent. That to me is timeless and makes for the best, most educated design.

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