How to Use Periscope For Your Business


Purchased by Twitter in March of this year, Periscope – a popular live video streaming app – is connecting people together from all over the world by allowing users the capability to share their story. Considered to be the Instagram of live video streaming, it’s unknown whether it was created for purely social reasons, but businesses of all sorts are using it as a marketing tool and here are the top 5 reasons why you should jump on that band wagon. 


 1. Providing access to your product through live streaming establishes credibility. The ability for consumers to ask a question and have it answered immediately by an actual employee/owner of the company is key. Smart consumers don’t want a generic, carefully typed and proofed PR driven e-mail. With the live aspect, you’re on the spot, which can be scary, but also beneficial if you know your stuff.


 2. Live feedback is a gift that surveys can’t provide, especially for start-ups looking to roll out a new product or idea.


 3. Accessibility is a feature not to be underestimated in this day and age. The ease of technology means consumers want it how they want it and they want it now. Periscope is the answer to that. Product demonstrations, sharing breaking news, etc. are ways to provide a ‘give me now’ product in a ‘give me now’ time. 


 4. The VIP treatment Periscope provides without much effort involved is a huge benefit. Labeling anything “behind the scenes” will immediately give consumers the idea that they’re being treated in a special manner. This goes hand-in-hand with our last reason to get on board the Periscope boat.


 5. The personal relationship. Technology seems to have taken the personal out of relationship. Rather than face-to-face meetings or phone calls, e-mail and texts have given the business world a colder, harder feel. Periscope provides the warmth and personal relationship that businesses should get back to with their customers. It gives a face and a heartbeat to a company that you previously only saw an e-mail signature of. 


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