Listening & Learning

One important characteristic of a strong team is the ability for each member to be open to learning from others on the team. Whether that’s how to make a great cup of coffee, use a new tool within a program or just try new ways to make the product better. By investing in each other and listening with a genuine desire to improve ourselves we become much better and more valuable to our clients. It can be hard to listen to others tell you ways to improve your creation or talent. It bruises the ego. But when you’re on a team that trusts and cares about each other, it’s much easier to let those “me” concerns go. It makes our job much more rewarding when we are all together working to achieve a shared goal. I feel very fortunate to work with such strong individuals who each bring something different to the creative table. It makes each day fun, exciting and challenging. What ways can you make your team stronger? Maybe it’s attending a retreat or a seminar together. Or maybe it’s just being open to listening to the guy at the desk next to you. Whatever it may be, know that by listening and learning from each other, you will grow in ways you never could have on your own.

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