Q&A with Laura Walker, EXIT's New Designer

Alexandria, EXIT’s Social Media and Account Manager, sat down with Laura Walker, EXIT’s newest designer on staff to get to know more about her and she wrote about it so you could too! Visit our Facebook or Twitter to ask her any questions I left off!
Q: Why did you become a designer? 
A: Ultimately, I like the challenge. 
Q: Where are you from?
A: The Mississippi Delta / Cary, MS
Q: What’s your favorite food? 
A: I love a good, fresh peach picked off the tree, still warm from the sunshine, but I can’t turn down Italian.
Q: What about living in Little Rock excites you most? 
A: Right now, everything is new, so that’s fun. I like the access to everything; culture, events, nature, shopping, myriad new restaurants to try… I also like that LR is still growing, and old areas are rejuvenating. 
Q: Why did you choose EXIT? 
A: Shawn was great and I like the atmosphere in the office. I like that it’s a small team right now, but growing. 
Q: Describe yourself in 3 words. 
A: Shy, Curious, and not good with answering questions. Is there a word for that?
Q: What are your career goals?
A: Well, they are changing; my 5/10 year plans have come and gone. I wanted to run my own shop, but I did that, and didn’t really like it. I like to be part of a team. Better ideas come from a team working together. Right now, I’m working on rediscovering what I want in the long term. I just don’t want to be stagnate.
Q: If you were stranded on a island with only 1 movie to watch for eternity, what would it be? Same question with 1 book.
A: I think I could live with the Dr. Who series. | 2001 A Space Odyssey
Q: What’s the worst music to listen to?
A: Country, and some Philip Glass; it can be too repetitive. 


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