Spring Clean Your Brain

Cleaning out that wad of neurons rattling around in your head is just as important as mopping under your armoire. Be nice to your brain and it will reward you. Take time to do some spring cleaning in your brain.


Here are a few ideas:

– Go a different way home

– Go somewhere beautiful that you’ve never been – just to be there

– Spend some time in quiet, observing your thoughts

– Make a new friend

– Read a new book (or an old one!)

– Start a journal

– Take a nap

– Give yourself permission not to worry about being ‘effective’

– Take a walk

– Whenever you remember reading this blog post, take a deep breath

– Start drinking Tea instead of Coffee (or Coffee instead of tea, or neither instead of both!)

– Take a day off of work and enjoy spring

– Start a project that scares you


How do you spring clean your brain?



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