The Essentials

Snacks………every office should have them. Loads and loads of unhealthy, sugar-coma inducing, sweet-tooth savoring snacks. What happens when the cabinets run dry and all that’s left are a couple of limes, old oatmeal and half a jar of peanut butter? well, After un-relentless begging, it’s time to make a list of dream items from the grocery store and drop hints around the office. Maybe your list could appear in the morning coffee filters, or written out on a roll of toilet paper, you could slide sheets of paper with the list in every magazine in the office, if you’re feeling brave you could make your bosses screensaver your grocery list or replace all the contacts in his phone with items you would like from the store. I think the best approach is to ask about the groceries every hour as if you’re expecting a package in the mail and maybe if you’re as lucky as we are the heavens will rain down so many groceries that you have no idea where to begin!


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