The Great Logo Redesigner Strikes Again

Last week Arby’s released its new revamped logo. Now, Wendy’s has debuted its more sophisticated logo as well. Wendy has grown-up, literally. The old logo featured a much more old-fashioned and child-like version of the iconic redhead. Now, she is a bit more mature and exhibits a more high-end look and friendly font. The company maintained three elements that it felt were important for the transition of the new brand, the image of the Wendy, the color red and the way the “Wendy’s” font swerves up — what executives call “the wave.” The logo has been revamped 5 times since Dave Thomas gave birth to the Wendy’s brand and this is the most significant as the iconic girl hasn’t been touched since 1983. In addition to a cleaner more polished pippy-long-stocking, Wendy’s has eliminated the mention of hamburgers and the color yellow as a part of its brand identity. The company is setting itself apart from the color palette that is familiar with its major competitors, McDonalds and Burger King. This logo marks a new beginning for the company – a visual representation that the company is reinventing itself and its customer experience. Way to go Wendy’s! You’re on the right path to helping your brand better escape the fast food clutter!


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