Update on Internship

I am nearing the last few weeks of my internship here at EXIT. One thing I have learned while working here is how to juggle several different tasks at once. Since EXIT is a small team, I am often asked to help out in several different areas.  I have researched information about a client’s competition, brainstormed on how to make a group’s social media more effective, helped create packets to send to potential customers, written pieces for brochures, and completed a variety of other projects.  While sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming when I see my to-do list for the day, I am always excited to work on new tasks and learn how to do different things.  It is rewarding to go home at the end of the day knowing I played my part and learned at the same time.  Working at EXIT is always fun and being involved with different areas has been a very enjoyable part of my experience.


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