Update On Internship

Today marks my last day as an intern for EXIT. The time here has flown by but I have learned so much in a short two months. Coming to work was always exciting and there was never a dull moment in the office.  This proved to me that work really can be fun!  Being around such an upbeat, talented team was an added bonus. I witnessed dedication and hard work every day, which inspired me to always put forth my best effort.  I learned how an office functions, how a team comes together to produce a finished product, and how to do several different tasks, among which concepting ideas and writing were my favorite.  I also enjoyed toying with computer programs and doing various jobs that were previously unfamiliar to me, such as contacting potential clients, doing research for a project, and creating positioning charts filled with information about a business and its competition.  While working at EXIT I became aware of a sense of professionalism, both in the finished products and in the partnerships between EXIT and clients, that I strive to achieve in the office and elsewhere.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to have interned with EXIT this summer and thoroughly enjoyed my time at such a wonderful place.image

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