Heart & Vascular Institute: Case Study


The former National Park Medical Center (NPMC) Regional Heart Center name and look did not reflect the full range of innovative cardiovascular treatments delivered. The image no longer fit the tremendous level of care being delivered. This hurt perception.


Develop a new name and logo that encompasses all services offered and reflects an image of quality excellence. Then introduce new name with a multi-media campaign that promotes the leading heart specialists and services offered.


The year following the launch of the campaign produced a 31.3% increase in Open Heart Procedures, a 16% increase in Cardiac Rehabilitation Visits, and a 2.5% increase in Cardiac Catheterization Patients. Also the NPMC physician referral line experienced a 28% higher call volume for the year.

National Healthcare Marketing Gold Winner. Various elements of the campaign have won ADDY Awards for print advertising and poster design.

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