National Park Medical Center: Case Study


The smaller of two major medical centers in its market, NPMC continuously battles the inaccurate perception that its competitor offers better services because it’s bigger.


Through research, we found that for patients the NPMC experience is truly unique in the high level of personal attention and care that is delivered by staff. Through its size, the hospital medical team shares a very close relationship that results in patients feeling more cared for and more comfortable. The hospital size, which we felt was an obstacle initially, became an important factor in developing the dominant selling idea: going further for the care of patients. With our claim staked on this position, we launched the “Always” testimonial campaign.


Since the launch of the campaign, National Park Medical Center has seen a 5% increase in general surgeries, a 55% increase in orthopedic surgeries and a 7% increase in cardiac catheterization procedures. The website has also seen an increase in hits from 5,837 to a daily average of 8,302, and employee satisfaction at National Park Medical Center is at 93.2%.

2010 National Healthcare Marketing Award Merit Winner for TV Campaign
2010 Diamond Award Winner for Total Campaign
2011 National Healthcare Marketing Award Silver Winner for Print Campaign
2011 National Healthcare Marketing Award Merit Winner for Logo Design

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