Women's Foundation of Arkansas: Case Study


The Women’s Foundation of Arkansas (WFA) kicked off its second decade celebration in 2010. Going into this new decade, they needed to differentiate themselves from other non-profits in Arkansas and visually showcase their unique point of difference.


The WFA came to EXIT with the challenge of wanting to re-brand the foundation as it began it began its 10th year. After learning more about WFA, EXIT designed a logo that showcased the support and strength that WFA provides to the women and girls in our state. This logo design led to creating an appeal letter that went out to 2500 influential women across Arkansas. The Women of Worth appeal letter highlighted the work of the WFA through testimonials, included a letter from the executive director and a strong call to action to help women in our state through supporting the WFA.


The 2010 campaign raised $130,212 with 40 women pledging their support. The overall branding created for the WFA and Girls of Promise has helped the Foundation raise its public profile resulting in increased gifts of time and money. Over 400 women and men volunteered for WFA in 2011 and over $210,000 was contributed to the organization.

2010 ADDY Award Gold and Best-in-Design for the Women of Worth direct mail.

To see more work we have done with WFA, click here.

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